Runwell Custom Builds

Entirely Customizable

We will work with you directly so that your PC is exactly how you envisioned it.  All PCs are built by hand with extreme attention paid to quality control.  We treat every computer as if it were our own.  From planning to building, we love every step of the way.

Flexible Pricing

We have PCs to fit all budgets. No matter what you need, we can build it.  Prices can be changed easily and based on internal components selected.  Many customers need some features of each level.  We are happy to work with you to build YOUR perfect PC.


Don’t let the future pass you by because you are locked into an all-in-one PC with no way to upgrade.  New technology appears nearly daily.  Our builds are future-proof and easily upgradeable.  We offer discounted rates for upgrades on a Runwell Custom Build.

Hand-Made In The USA

We don’t outsource our builds.  Each custom-built computer is produced on location, and we take pride in each and every one we do regardless of the price.  These machines are built to last.  We use only the highest quality components in our builds.

Base Level

Our base level builds are our low cost-of-entry option.  They are fully upgradeable either in the build process or any amount of time after delivery.  They are capable of doing all the normal tasks performed in most homes.  This build level is for the people who just want a computer that is built to Runwell who have no need for the extra functionality found in our other builds.  Starting at $600, this build is fully customizable.


The Runwell Gamer PC is custom-tailored to easily handle even the most demanding of titles in Ultra-High Definition.  It seems like everyone is talking about virtual reality lately.  Our gamer builds will be able to deliver to you the capability to have a true VR experience in the comfort of your own home.  Starting at $800 this build is completely customizable. 


Our Executive Level Builds are designed to not compromise performance anywhere.  This build utilizes the X99 platform processors, and other new solutions to the computational power problem.  More is better sometimes.  This is definitely one of those times.  Drive the PC experience to the bleeding edge using ultra fast storage such as NVME-PCIE SSDs.  This tier utilizes the upper echelon of everything, including GPU, power supply, ram, processors, and motherboards; the Runwell Executive PC has no limits.  Starting at $1,600, this computer is fully customizable.  


The Workstation Level Runwell PC is exactly as the name suggests.  This level of computer is for those with extensive visual rendering needs.  Or for the audio professionals needing to run multiple effects.  Or even just a really enthusiastic gamer.  If you need a workstation, then look no further.  These machines will be able to run elite level video programs with CUDA acceleration, or professional studios running tons of plugins on lots of channels, all while delivering the perfect signal for the speakers.  Starting at $2,000, this computer is fully customizable.


This build level is for those who want the best of the best.  This is where you will find the most cutting-edge hardware available.  This build level is not for the faint of heart, and it is safe to say it is an enthusiastic style of Runwell PC.  Commission yours today if you feel spunky.


Enterprise level solutions are done on a case-by-case basis, and no firm quotes are given until after a full assessment of your individual needs.  Pricing available by request only.  Call to build yours today!

You Want A Computer That Will Last For Years And Still Perform.  

We Hear You!

Our computers are built with a strict adherence to quality control standards.  Each custom build is treated as if it were our own machine.  We enjoy every project, no matter the budget.  We love building computers.  It isn’t a job for us.  We would do this for free.  (WE HAVE!)  Come discover why we are unique.  Come discover what it is like to Runwell!

Liquid Cooling

Every level of our custom-built computers offers the option of liquid cooling.  We utilize a wide variety of liquid cooling systems.

Ultra Fast Storage

We offer a wide variety of storage solutions including M.2 SSDs, NVME-PCIE SSDs, traditional SSDs, and mechanical drives.

Air Cooling

Poor thermal conditions can severly impact your computer’s performance.  We make sure your system runs at optimal conditions by utilizing a variety of methods.

OS Pre-Installed

All our custom builds come with a fully-licensed operating system of your choosing.  We make sure that our products Runwell so that you can too.

Firewall And Anti-Virus

Each one of our builds comes with a firewall and anti-virus protection pre-installed. We truly care about every computer we build.

Any Form Factor

We can build any form factor you desire.  Whether you want a beast of a machine, or something smaller that is easier to tuck away, we can build it.

Tell Us What You Need

No Matter What You Need, We Can Build It.  Call Us Today For A One-On-One With A Runwell Custom Build Representative In Order To Make Sure That You Get The Computer Of Your Dreams.  No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small.  They Are All Just Right!

Designed To Runwell

We Take Pride In Our Craft, And Deliver Nothing But The Best To Our Clients.  We Not Only Expect Complete Satisfaction, We Guarantee It.  If You Are Unsatisfied With The Quality Of Your Custom Build, You May Ask For A Refund.  No One Has Yet.

Hands Free Setup

Each Of Our Custom-Built PC’s Are Ready To Go Out Of The Box.  We Take Care Of The Formatting, Setup, And Installation Of Your Operating System So That You Simply Have To Turn On Your Machine To Experience What It Is Like To Runwell!

Order Your Custom-Tailored Machine

We Will Work With Your To Deliver The Perfect Computer For Your Needs.

 All Our Computers Are Hand-Built, Made To Spec, And Designed To Runwell.