Mac Repair/Upgrade

Is your Mac running slower than normal? Do you seem to be staring at the spinning beachball more and more? Or do you simply want to upgrade your Mac to keep up with the changing times? If so, we invite you to discover what it is like to Runwell!


Expand HDD Storage

Install More Ram

Reformat Computer

Change Battery/Power Supply

Install SSD

And MUCH More



• New/More Ram • New Video Card • New HDD/SSD • Any Repair/Replacement.

Your Mac desktop is like your car.  You never love it more than when it isn’t working properly.  It is then that you realize how much you appreciate it.  If you are not appreciating your Mac desktop for any reason, we can help.


We Get It

Your MacBook is your world.  It is your office on the go.  It is your movie theater.  It is your jukebox.  It is your connection to social media.  It is your homework machine.  You even take notes in class with it.  We get it.  You need your Macbook back in working order pronto.  We can get your laptop back to the performance you expect and deserve in no time flat.

All Mac Repair/Upgrades

No matter what is wrong or could be better with your Mac, we can help.  We look forward to the opportunity to show you the difference that is Runwell.  We love nothing more than exceeding client expectations, and aim to achive this result each time we do anything. We love working on Macs.  You love having a working Mac.  Is it any wonder we haven’t met already?

Discover What It Is Like To Runwell!