PC Repair/Upgrade

“If Your Computer Is Not Running Well, Then Come Discover Runwell!”

PC Desktop/Laptop Repair/Upgrade


PC Laptop Repair/Upgrade

We know how important your laptop is to you.  The portability coupled with functionality is what you can’t live without.  Why live without it?  When your laptop is in need of repairs, more memory, or simply a good cleaning, we can do it all and get you connected again as fast as possible.

Laptop Component Replacement

We handle each and every laptop component with extreme care.  We know how important your device is to you.  We can change, upgrade, or replace every component possible.  If your laptop needs any components changed, don’t hesitate to discover that difference that is Runwell Personal Computers Inc.

Laptop Software Troubleshooting

If you are having any issues regarding software, we can help.  Let us know what problems you encounter.  We can get you back in business ASAP.  We work quickly to diagnose and eliminate any software hurdles in your way that are preventing you from running well.

Laptop Diagnostics

We are more than capable of diagnosing any problem you run into.  We usually have a good idea of the problems you are facing and can give you a more educated quote after a simple phone call.  Call today.

PC Desktop Repair/Upgrade

Desktops are the workhorses.  They are put through all kinds of demanding tasks we wouldn’t ever ask of our more mobile devices.  Whether you want to upgrade to take advantage of the ever changing computer component industry, or simply need your desktop repaired, we here at Runwell can get your desktop back on top (or below) your desk in no time!

Desktop Component Replacement

We handle each and every desktop component with the same care one gives an infant.  We treat your machine as if it is our own when it is in our custody, whether it be an in-shop or in-home repair.  We can quickly diagnose, recommend, and repair any hardware issue you may encounter.

Desktop Software Troubleshooting

Almost everyone has run into a problem installing, utilizing, or optimizing software. We are here for any software needs you may have.  We look forward to being able to get your desktop back up and running as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Desktop Diagnostics

We are more than capable of diagnosing any problem you run into.  We can usually have a good idea of what you are dealing with over the phone, and can give you a more educated quote after a simple phone call.  Call today.

PC Desktop/Laptop Optimization

We will work with you to have your machine running at peak efficiency.  There are countless ways your device’s performance could be diminished, from thermal innefficiency to over loaded caches.  We will streamline your device and get it back to out of the box level performance

Virus Removal

We are more than capable of removing any and all viruses/malware you may encounter.  If your computer is showing symptons of such problems, bring it to us for a diagnosis and repair.  We will get your computer back to full health in no time flat. Discover what it is like to Runwell!

Computer Clean Up

Did you know that there are tons of temporary/unnecessary files that can impair your computer’s performance?  Use our computer cleanup service to remove all the bloatware, cache files, and typical computer waste that is taking up valuable hard drive space.

Thermal Paste Rejuvenation

Did you know that the thermal paste in your computer degrades over time?  Thermal inefficiency is the number one component killer.  The cooler your system runs, the better.  Let us refresh the thermal paste on your components before it becomes a problem so that you can keep your computer running well and cool.

PC Repair

If your PC is in need of repair, we can get you connected again in no time.  We specialize in the fastest possible work at the highest possible level of quality, so that you can Runwell.


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PC Upgrades

If your PC is in need of upgrades, we can get you back up to speed in no time flat.  Experience what it is like to Runwell while enjoying the smallest possible amount of downtime.